512-243-2703 Work
At the intersection of FM 1327 and FM 1625 in Creedmoor,TX.
( Creedmoor,TX IS IN The Austin,Texas Metropolitan Area )
Wednesday-Saturday 10:30-3:30 and Friday until 9pm         
"The PROPHETS of Smoked Meat: A Journey ThroughTexas
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BBQ in Austin,TX. BBQ in Buda,TX.
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BBQ in Austin,TX. Wilhite's BBQ
Wilhites BBQ is A PROPHET. Such
zeal is the context for Daniel
Vaughn's "The Prophets of
Smoked Meat: A Journey Through
Texas Barbecue."
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Steve Dean on the Roof by Nicholas
We were about to jump back in our
caravan of vehicles when a stiff and
sudden wind blew in and took our
friend Steve Dean's cowboy hat
straight off of his head and deposited it
directly on the roof. We found a rickety
ladder out back and Steve went up to
retrieve it. He brushed up next to the
exhaust from the smoker, so we got
the pleasure of smelling him for the
rest of the day. Once he was safely
down off the ladder we set our sights
on the next barbecue destination with
the knowledge that we'd probably just
had the best meal of the day.

Rating *****

Photo by Nicholas McWhirter
When I saw the jet-black brisket on the
cutting block, I knew it was gonna be
good. The smokiness permeated the
silky fat-cap that remained and a rub
heavier in salt than pepper woke up
the meat. Each slice was superbly
moist and cooked to that perfect point
of tenderness that allows one to pick
up a full slice, but then tear it down the
middle with only a modicum of effort. A
couple of folks at the table were
skeptical of the generous brisket fat
that remained on each slice, but after
just a bite they saw the light.
Sometimes "melt-in-your-mouth" is the
only way to say it. Pork ribs weren’t as
dark but just as smoky. Meat came off
the bone nicely without falling off, and
every bit of the nicely rendered fat was
edible. These ribs were epitome of
beautiful simplicity on a bone. An all-
beef sausage comes from Meyer’s in
Elgin, and I laughed with Robert about
how much better it was than what we
got at Meyer's the day before. He
noted that the Meyer’s delivery driver
preferred the Wilhite's version too.
This is what can happen when a
barbecue joint bothers to order good
quality raw sausage and do the
smoking themselves instead of buying
the pre-cooked stuff. Across the
board, this was outstanding barbecue,
and Robert had done right by the
Texas trinity.
Wilhite's Barbeque

CREEDMOOR: Wilhite's Barbeque
4903 D FM 1327
Creedmoor, TX 78610
Open W-Thu 10:30-3:30, F 10:30-9,
Sat 10:30-3:30

Robert Wilhite is both mayor and
resident pitmaster in Creedmoor,
Texas. He runs one of the few
restaurants in town, and I'd guess this
is the best one. Don't let the adjoining
Valero station fool you into thinking
this is some fly-by-night barbecue
stand. Robert's dad started this place
back in 1962 and it's been smoking
ever since. These days the meat is
smoked in one of two custom designed
cylindrical smokers that function like a
lazy susan for meat. They are fed with
all post oak wood, and there's not a
gas line in sight. The smell of smoke
was strong as soon as we got out of
the car and only increased once we
were inside. Ordering is done at the
counter and a cutting board isn't too
far away. This allows a few for a few
special requests while the meat is
being sliced. We were just here for
meat and soon a pile of sausage, ribs
and sliced brisket were piled high on
butcher paper.
Full Custom Gospel BBQ